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Pet Supplies


Better Play Time with Your Pet

At Deal Sprout, we have the best pet supplies at unbeatable rates. We are all about ensuring your relationship with your best friend is well-anchored during those play times with the unique and one-of-a-kind Anchor Aweigh Rubber Dog toy. The tug-of-war floor dog toy will also have your little friend happier than ever showcasing their prowess. After playtime, you can take a stroll with your pet and ensure he or she looks the part in our fashionable black hound’s tooth nylon ribbon collar. Just in case all the play and walking make the pet and thirsty, get them refreshed using our portable, one-of-a-kind pet water bottle.

Unique Pet Toys at Affordable Prices

Talking of water, our anti-splash water dispenser ensures that playtime for your pets is not a messy affair, even when the cats with all their playful nature are involved. When it comes to storing pet toys, our cat toy rope cotton basket is a good purchase that will ensure that your house is clutter free despite having pets.

Our pet toys are unique and are sure going to get your pets engaged and happy as you focus on other things. Our windmill cat toys will have your cat going in rounds to infinity trying to catch an item on the other end. Get you and your pet the rainbow tunnel cat toy in which you can get your cat to wiggle through and get a toy from you on the other end. Use us while bunny sugar cookie to make the game even more fun.

Get your pets some of our bestselling toys such as the screaming chicken, the indestructible dog, or the Colorado “maple leaf” made of durable nylon, all from our pet Deal Sprout, pet supplies section.

Pet Grooming Deals

When it comes to pet grooming, our wide variety of grooming equipment will leave you and your pet feeling fresh. The pet grooming glove ensures that your pet gets the best scrub to ensure clean and sparkly fur, our pet nail scissors are safe to use on pets at any age, you can then finish off your wash with the pet massage shell brush to make your pet relax. Finally, use the soft finger pet toothbrush set to make those teeth sparkle!

After such a busy day for the pet and a grooming session, there is no better way to end the day than sleeping in our very comfortable cloud-reversible bed.

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